Kawaso Texcel is a Japanese electronics and ceramics manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, Japan. In 1877, we started our journey as a Western-style tableware manufacturer in Seto City, a town located in Aichi Prefecture, which is well-known for its ceramics.

Since then, we have been developing new technologies to join ceramics and metal. We've also been providing products and services that meet the needs of the times by manufacturing customized products, such as developing power equipment for the electrical infrastructure and new transportation systems.

Kawaso Texcel is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of industrial ceramics products, and its reputable metallizing technologies are increasingly gaining recognition worldwide. Kawaso Texcel is ready to embark on its new journey into the overseas market with its innovative technologies integrated with over 140 years of combined experience.

Using our experience of developing air-tight-joint products and our exceptional technologies of joining dissimilar metals, Kawaso-Texcel delivers innovative solutions for business customers of today. Industries such as electrical power, industrial automation, and heavy electric machinery all benefit from our technological innovation and expertise.

Our company believes in three essential principles: respect, honesty, and prudence. These principles act as the foundation upon which we have continued our business for more than 140 years. We will not stop making every effort to further enhance our products in the continuous pursuit of technological advancement.

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