Our double-groove insulators feature a unique structure.
The insulator features a double-layer cylindrical section to reduce leakage current and provide excellent resistance to contamination. And, it has a very long life.
Because it is resistant to salt and dust, it is often used in AGT system and manufacturing plants in all over the world.

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  • Excellent High Salt and Dust Resistance
  • No Complaints since its Launch in 1971
  • Supply to 7 Countries around the World. The Total Number of Sales has Reached 600,000 pieces!

Impressive introduction record beyond borders

Introduction record

  • 1Dubai International Airport Shuttle Train
  • 2Changi International Airport Shuttle Train
  • 3Hong Kong International Airport Shuttle Train
  • 4Taoyuan International Airport Shuttle Train
  • 5Incheon International Airport Shuttle Train
  • 6Miami International Airport Shuttle Train
  • 7Dulles International Airport Shuttle Train
  • Nippori Toneri Liner
  • Port Island Line (Port Liner)
  • Rokko Island Line (Rokko Liner)
  • Nanko Port Town Line (New Tram)
  • Kansai International Airport (Wing Shuttle)
  • Sky rail Midorizaka Line


Automated Guideway Transit system

Insulation Tube

The Automated Guideway Transit system(The AGT system) refers to a medium-sized transportation system which connects coastal cities (new urban areas) and existing urban areas. It is also widely used for transportation within airports. It acts as an intermediate role between railroads and buses.
The Yurikamome (in Tokyo, Japan) and the shuttle train of Miami airport (USA) are good examples.

The AGT system is often located aligned with coastlines and thus salt tolerance of the transit is essential. Kawaso Texcel has developed salt & dust resistant (double-grooved) insulators to serve this need. We have been ensuring the safety of the system for many years.

The AGT system, such as the Yurikamome, have trolley wires equipped on the side walls to supply power and our insulators designed specifically for the AGT system supports and secures those trolley wires.
Kawaso Texcel cooperates with customers since the system design stage to develop compact and easy-to-install insulators.
Our double-grooved insulators are characterized by a distinctive structure designed for the AGT system. The insulator has a double-layered cylindrical section, which reduces leakage current and provides excellent resistance to contamination.

Insulation Tube
Insulation Tube

For manufacture plants and handling cranes

In-plant crane

Ceilling and side wall trolley support

Ceilling and side wall trolley support

Ceilling and side wall trolley support

Port cargo handling crane

Example of tube with a flange and bellow
Pit trolley support

Double-grooved insulators have been used for more than 35 years in harsh environments, such as heavy salt-damaged areas in coastal regions and factories in dusty and humid environments.
In a steel works, a large amount of dust flies, and the insulator gets dirty quickly. If it gets dirty, cannot be insulated and electricity will pass through. Our double-grooved insulators are used, which are resistant to dust in that harsh environment.
It is used by many major Japanese steel works.
In addition, our double-grooved insulators are used in cargo handling cranes at ports, which are greatly affected by salt damage.

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