Insulation Tube

Insulation Tube

High airtightness
Looking for insulation tubes with a high level of airtightness?

We create our insulation tube(Interrupter ceramic tube) by joining metal and a ceramic pipe.
It is suitable for the insulation for transportation purposes
and for exhaust parts in vacuum apparatus.

Insulation Tube
Our exceptional Metallizing technology makes highly airtight joining possible!
  • For High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
  • Any alumina can be joined.
  • A flange and bellow can be joined.

* 92%, 96%, 99% Alumina can be joined.

In-house produced Ceramics

Glazed alumina

Glazed alumina

A glaze is an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance that has been fused to a ceramic body through baking. It can serve your need as it is able to color, decorate and even waterproof an item and prevent adhesion problems.

Shape and size is changeable.

Insulation Tube
inner diameter 200mm, Outer diameter 320mm

We can also join 99% alumina

We can join our special-shaped flanges and bellow to your insulation tubes.

Once you purchase our insulated fittings, we'll be at your service whenever additional requests occur with our products, such as welding accessories, including flanges and bellows. Please contact us for more information on the fabrication of our special-shaped flanges.

Tig welding
Tig welding

Example of tube with a flange and bellow
Example of tubes, each joined with a flange and a bellow.

Standard Product


Insulation resistance(MΩ): up to 1000 (at DC500V), Airtightness characteristics: 1×10-10Pa·m³/sec

Standard Insulation Tube


Volts Joint material Flange size Catalog number
20kV KOVAR ICF70 or more VE-K20KV
30kV ICF114 or more VE-K30KV
40kV ICF152 or more VE-K40KV

* A nonmagnetic tube can be joined.
* Contact us for delivery.

Metallized & Brazed Product

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