Sapphire Windows / Viewports

Sapphire Windows / Viewports

Looking for sapphire windows highly resistant to heat?

We utilize our combined metallizing experience to serve superior airtightness products boasting high heat resistance.

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Joined by our melted titanium metallizing technology
High purity alumina is also available.

Heat resistance up to 400 deg-C
Helium leak rate: 1×10-10Pa·m³/sec
  • We manufacture Single Crystal Sapphire viewports using our original brazing technology: Melting Titanium metallization technology.
  • We can also manufacture high-purity alumina that does not contain SiO2.
  • Excellent in heat resistance and air-tightness as well as reliability.
  • It is possible to join thin and small size sapphire to metal.
  • Much more reliable on heat resistance and airtightness than using adhesive.
  • Possible to join sapphire to a various kinds of metals such as Copper, Ni, Kovar, Cu, Al, and SUS.
  • It is possible to braze the sapphire viewports to vacuum flanges.
  • We guarantee that the coefficient of thermal expansion of the materials is well controlled during the production.
  • An air-tightness test is available.
  • If you have any needs to join the viewports with nonmagnetic materials, please contact us.


Molybdenum-manganese is a metallizing technology using the reaction between a glass component mainly composed of SiO2 contained in the ceramic and brazing alloy.
As purity of alumina ceramics (92%, 96%, 99%) rises, SiO2 content decreases. The Mo-Mn method uses this reaction with SiO2, but our Melting Titanium metallization Method can join metal with high-purity alumina that does not contain SiO2.

Standard Sapphire Windows(Viewports)

Standard Sapphire Window


Product Name A B C D E F
Sapphire Window Φ14 14 15.5 12 10.7 1 1
Sapphire Window Φ25.4 25.4 26.9 23.4 10.7 2 3
Sapphire Window Φ50 50 51.5 48 15.5 2 3

* Air Tightness :1×10-10Pa·m³/sec
* It can be joined with various airtight flanges such as ICF70 and ICF114

* It can be metallized to high purity alumina or Single Crystal Sapphire by our Titanium Metallizing technology which reacts with or diffuses the titanium and ceramics.

Sapphire Windows(Viewports) with Flange

Sapphire Window with Flange


Product Name A B C D E t T N H ΦP.C.D
ICF 70-Φ14 14 15.5 12 10.7 1 1 12.7 6 6.8/M6 58.7
ICF 70-Φ25.4 25.4 26.9 23.4 10.7 2 3 12.7 6 6.8/M6 58.7
ICF 114-Φ50 50 51.5 48 15.5 2 3 17.5 8 8.5/M8 92.1

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