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Quality of product

Verify specific products under specific environment

Because metallized products are made of various materials and used in different environments (in different temperatures and atmospheric conditions), Kawaso Texcel has developed numerous tests to verify the effectiveness of our products. These tests include various electrical tests, tensile loading tests, and vibration tests depending on your environment where you use your product. Leak tests offer further verification.

Performed tests in cooperation with universities and public institutions.

Development of technology

"Why" than "Result"

Kawaso Texcel focuses on the continuous development and analysis of the best reactivity for metallization and brazing materials.

Analyzing using EPMA to confirm the reaction of
bonding sections

Confirmation of the design

Our brazing technology can bond different kinds of ceramics and metal whose thermal expanison coefficients differ by type.

The design verification by X-ray is dependent on the structure of the product's joints.

Human resources development

Since 1880, we have considered the pioneer spirit as an important part of the research, development, and manufacturing of our products.

It is our joy to overcome time-varying challenges through contributing to society with our products.

To keep providing new value to our customers, employees and a company must grow together. Therefore, we strive to build a positive company culture in which every employee, regardless of their age, gender, or nationality, can achieve their personal development through working with us. We also aim to create a humane workplace that prioritizes the fair treatment of its employees.

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