X-Ray Window

X-Ray Window

Looking for high airtightness X-Ray windows?

Our transmission window is ideal for X-ray transmission as it is joined to a sleeve by brazing and thus has long-term reliability, We join diamond to metal, utilizing our proud melting titanium metallization technology.

High heat resistance and airtightness

Instead of using an O-ring or adhesive, we join metal by heat treatment in a vacuum condition, using our melting titanium metallization technology to create a metal reaction layer.
The brazed part excels in heat resistance and airtightness. It can also be used in analysis equipment in a high vacuum.

Airtight characteristics: 1×10-10Pa·m³/sec (He leak rate)

Thin and small windows can be joined

It is possible to join thinner and smaller windows with high airtightness.

Beryllium X ray window

Kawaso Texcel is a pioneer in brazing 8µm beryllium to various metals, assuring high heat resistance and airtightness.
We are very proud of the high durability and stable transmission performance of our special Beryllium X-Ray Window.

Beryllium X-Ray Window
We can braze the window to thickness 8µm metal
Helium leak rates : 1×10-10Pa·m³/sec
  • High heat resistance and airtightness.
  • Applied in various fields requiring high vacuum condition.
  • Joining of a thin and small window is possible.
  • Much more superior in heat resistance and airtightness than the adhesive.
  • Can be brazed to various metals such as Copper, Ni, Kovar, Al, and SUS is available.
  • Can be brazed to a variety of vacuum flanges.
  • The airtightness test conducted in our laboratory is available.
  • Guarantee high X-ray transmission, airtightness and corrosion resistance.
Diamond X ray window
Diamond X-Ray Window
  • Can bond to various metals
  • Can join to copper, tungsten, etc.
  • Easier and safer to use compared to a Beryllium X-Ray

Metallized & Brazed Product

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