Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid Cold Plate

Maximize the performance of UV-LEDs and Power modules

Liquid Cold Plates provide an effective thermal solution for your devices with a high heat load, such as IGBT and UV-LED.

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Want to know the reason why the brazed Liquid Cold Plates can:

  • Reduce more temperature
  • Achieve uniform cooling

What is a liquid cold plate?

Liquid cold plates, also known as water/liquid-cooled heat sinks, are the most efficient method of heat removal. By circulating a liquid coolant through its internal channels, it absorbs the heat from the device and transfers it to the coolant, which temperature is ideally controlled by a chiller.
With over 20 years of experience in designing and producing the liquid cold plate, our products minimize the variation of surface temperature and achieve “Uniform Cooling”, and with a reliable brazing method to guarantee the airtightness with no water leak.

  • We design and manufacture the most suitable products according to your request.
  • Making full use of thermal analysis simulation tools and many years of the expertise, we provide products that meet the cooling performance required by you.
  1. ①Temperature and Thermal calculation
  2. ②Thermal analysis simulation
  3. ③Various measuring equipment

Achieve cooling performance by making full use of various tools!

We cooperate from trial production and solve your problem!

*Please also consult with us about peripheral equipment such as chillers.

Uniform Cooling

Maximize the steady performance of your devices.

The surface temperature of the liquid cold plate tends to vary near the inflow and outflow points, due to the coolant absorbing the heat.
Uneven cooling can influence the performance of the device. Therefore, it is vital to design an optimized flow path to reduce surface temperature fluctuations.
We have a great deal of experience and skill in designing the optimal flow path to provide uniform cooling to the device.

  • General design

    General design

    In a general flow path design shaped like the letter “M”, the surface temperature tends to vary near the inflow and outflow points.

  • Temperature
  • Our design

    Our design

    Our liquid cold plates are designed with an optimized flow path, making it possible to cool the whole surface uniformly.

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If you are considering a liquid-cooling solution for your devices, we recommend choosing from our Standard Series and Semi-customized Series for a shorter lead time.
For customization, we need information such as the size and heat load of your device for the first step.
We will design and suggest the liquid cold plate strictly based on your requirements.

Our commitments

Surface flatness Accuracy

Surface Accuracy

In order to remove the heat from device, it is important to be fully contacted between the surface of the liquid cold plate and the device.
We guarantee that the surface flatness of our liquid cold pate is 0.02mm or less to be able to make perfect contact with device.


The liquid cold plate is perfectly joined by our advanced brazing technology.
We guaranteed airtightness with no water leak.

The plate is perfectly joined by our advanced brazing technology.
We guaranteed water tightness with no leak.

Imperfect brazing caused water leak and corrosion.


We’ve never had water leak problem since we‘ve started sales for 20 years


Confirmation example of joints by X-ray transmission device

Flow path
Few voids
Good bonding state
Flow path
Good fillet formation

Surface Protection

Surface Protection

Plating treatment improves corrosion resistance of liquid cold plate.
We have our own plating equipment in our factory for continuous process with plating to avoid the transport damage.

Fitting connection

Pipe Connection

We recommend stainless steel fittings, which have high corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
As stainless steel fittings are joined with copper or aluminum plates by our advanced brazing technology, we guarantee the reliable and long-term use of our products.

How to fix the tube on Liquid Cold Plate.



Laboratory to check the performance of your liquid cold plate!

We have a laboratory in our factory to test the performance of liquid cold plates under various conditions.
You can utilize our laboratory to make sure of the performance of your products. more

Variation of materials

Characteristics of the material
Characteristic Copper Aluminum Stainless
398 236 17
Specific gravity 8.82 2.68 7.93

We design and manufacture the optimum liquid cold plate with materials to meet your application and operating environment.

You can choose from:
Copper with excellent heat dissipation, Aluminum with excellent weight saving, Stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.
If you have any questions about using the liquid cold plates and liquid cooling devices, please feel free to contact us for more information.


The product's material can determine what type of coolants to use in the liquid cold plate.
We will suggest the optimum combination of the plate's material and coolant according to your requests and operating environment.

  • Pure water (managed by ion exchange unit)
  • Industrial water, tap water (neutral, requires management of pH)
  • Antifreeze (with rust inhibitor)
    Ethylene glycol + pure water
    Propylene glycol + pure water
  • Pure water (managed by ion exchange unit)
  • Antifreeze (with rust inhibitor)
    Ethylene glycol + pure water
    Propylene glycol + pure water
  • All kinds of coolants are available.
    * Pure water, Industrial water, City water and Antifreeze

Liquid Cold Plate Line up

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