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Is it true that the brazed type has more design flexibility than the Tube-in-Plate Type?


Brazed Type
(With the flow path by machining)


Tube-in-Plate Type

With the flow path directly machined into the base, there is no restriction on flow path designing.

Since the flow path is directly machined and formed into the base, the design of flow path is highly flexible, which makes it able to achieve uniform cooling.

Flexibility of designing

The pipe cannot be bent freely, which limits the design of the flow path.

Simply press fit a pipe, which functions as flow path, into the base. As the shape of the pipe is limited by the availability of bending process, which limits the design of flow path. As the result, the surface temperature of the cold plate may vary near the inflow and outflow points.

As the coolant is directly contacted to the body, The cooling efficiency is superior.

The heat transfer performs well, for the heat comes into direct contact with the coolant through the aluminum plate.

The plate's middle part is uniformly fixed by brazing, providing better heat transference.

The body and the lid is uniformly joined by brazing, providing a superior heat transfer.

Heat transfer

As the pipe is fitted into the body by mechanical press fitting, the heat source might be cooled indirectly.

The heat of aluminum pipe goes through the copper pipe, then passes to the coolant.

As the pipe was press fitted into the body, steps and gaps may occur in between.

If steps or gaps occurs during the press fitting, heat transfer between the copper pipe and the aluminum plate may be reduced.

There might be concerns about corrosion, as the aluminum parts of the cold plate is directly contacted with coolant.

Since the flow path is made of aluminum, there is a risk of corrosion, and the choice of coolant is limited and needs to be managed during the usage.

Corrosion resistance

As the aluminum parts of the cold plate does not come into direct contact with coolant, there will be less concern about corrosion.

The flow path is made of SUS or copper pipe, which provides better corrosion resistance.

Liquid Cold Plate Line up

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